A Day in the Life of a Lingerie Fiend

I scanned through my wardrobe. It was no secret what I enjoyed behind closed doors. There was very little room left for any clothing as the entirety of the hanging space was filled with various items of sexy lingerie. I had a terrible fetish for dressing up in my lingerie, even when sex was not so imminent. Even if I was alone I loved to dress up and down again, staring at myself in the mirror. I loved the way that it made me feel. I loved putting outfits together only to tear the pieces apart once more. There was very little that I did not love about it.

It all started when I was much younger. At the age of about seventeen I discovered my love for lingerie. I did not have a mother around since I was much younger than that so I had never seen such a thing before. But, as I flicked through the Playboy magazine in the news agency, I fell in love with the look and the overall desire I felt for those models dressed scantily in their lacy outfits, sprawled across the pages. Their sultry gazes pierced me and I was hooked from then on.

I made my first trip to the closest lingerie store days later and I was there weekly since. They could not keep me away and almost all I earned was spent on the exotic and erotic pieces that I found. My cupboard was almost overflowing with unique items that I scoured from stores and the internet and every time I saw something I had not seen before I just had to have it. My first was a basic lace thong and from there my collection grew exponentially over time.

Men were always the subjects of my sexy fashion shows. I looked forward to each date as it meant that I could utilise one of my outfits for their ultimate purpose, to lure in the opposite sex. It was amazing how quickly things could go from zero to one hundred once they laid eyes on me in that attire. It was like it flicked a switch in their brains and turned them into animals in the bedroom. I must say that it made my obsession even greater with every encounter.

I had every piece that I could think of now, and even some that I could never have imagined even in my wildest dreams. From the run of the mill crotchless panties to intricate corset style teddies and bodices, I basically had a lingerie store in my own home. I surrounded myself with it and it consumed me all at once. But still, I could not imagine anything else I would rather spend my hard earned cash on. Some women had shoes, some had handbags, I, on the other hand, had lingerie. It was a passion and even more so, something that I could share with the men that I brought back to my erotic lair. It was like my wildest fantasies had come true all at once.

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