Getting The Right Fit For Your Bra

We have all had at least one ill-fitting bra in our time. Giving us bulges here or strap marks there that we really don’t want at all. This guide will help you to find the perfect fit every time, so that all your bras are your favourite bras.

First things first, do not be fixed on a certain size and cup size for every bra. Try them on. All brands are slightly different and if you buy by size you will likely bring home a bunch of bras that simply do not fit properly. The majority of women have one breast bigger than the other and this can affect your bra size too. A great tip is the two finger rule. You should be able to fit two fingers comfortably in the band when your bra is on. Any more and it is too big, or for a bra you own it may be stretched out and time to take it out to the trash.

For most of us we have one breast larger than the other. The rule in this case is always shop for the larger cup size. There are many ways in which we can adjust the smaller breast, such as add extra padding or remove the padding from the larger breast cup. The point is, it is easier to adjust for the smaller rather than the larger.

Not all bras fit the same. As mentioned previously, different brands have different shapes and sizes, no matter what the tag says. You may find your perfect fit in one brand and, as long as it is the same style, you can buy multiple of the same size without trying them on. But if you want to try a different brand you better be ready to get in that change room and take it for a test run! Keep in mind which size you are in your favourite brands to make your lingerie shopping easier.

If a bra is not fitting right anymore, but still seems to be in good condition, you may want to take it to your local tailor. They can make adjustments so that it fits perfectly again and you don’t have to turf out that expensive bra just because it got a little stretched or your body shape has changed slightly. They can add hooks or even replace the strap depending on the new fit.

Finally, one of the best bras to own first and foremost is a convertible bra. This gives you so much more wear and flexibility to wear with any outfit. You can change the placement of the straps or even remove them completely to hide under even the most revealing clothing so you never have to go braless again! Ditch the worn out pasties and get on this awesome breast invention, adding it to your wardrobe on your next lingerie shop. We promise that you won;t be disappointed.

There you have it. This list will ensure that you find the best fitting bras for you next time you have to expand your lingerie collection and will also give you longer wear from these items.

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