Bra Problems, A Thing Of The Past

We have all had those issues with one of our most intimate pieces of clothing. Its hard to adjust in public and can often leave you uncomfortable all day long. Whether you are at work, home or the supermarket, here is a list of common bra problems and how to avoid them so you never have to deal with them again!

Firstly, a rising back band. Your back band should always be sitting parallel to the floor, if this is a reoccurring problem for you try and purchase bras with a smaller band. A bigger band size than you require is often the culprit, so opting for a smaller band size, and going up a cup size, will generally fix this problem for you.

If the part of the bra between your chest does not lie flat against you, then this bra is just not the right it for you. You may want to try a bra with a smaller band size or a larger cup, but shop around and try some on to make sure they fit better next time.

If your cups runneth over, then try for a bigger cup size. The cup you are wearing is simply too small and a larger cup size could be the quick fix you are looking for. Don’t shop for a bigger band, just a bigger cup.

Spilling out the sides of your bra? For those of us whose breasts are not front and centre, this can be a common problem that we face. Finding a bra with side seams or boning can be the fix to this annoying issue and will leave you with a better fitting bra, this could be a full coverage bra or even a push up bra.

Chaffing is a problem that can be solved by changing the material that you usually buy. It could also be a result of a bra that is too tight. You want to look for a style that lifts your breasts away from your ribcage such as a longline bra.

Gaping in cups can be resolved by changing your bra style to either a balconette or demi-cup bra. Your bra should be secure and supported so a different style may be the solution for you.

Back bulge is a problem that we all face once or twice in our life. This just means that the bra does not fit well. Buying a bra with a larger band size could fix this altogether.

Look for a more breathable fabric, like cotton, and maybe a little less padding if boob sweat is your worst enemy. A lightly lined bra could solve this problem once and for all.

If your straps seem to slip down all the time simply tighten them significantly until they stay in place. This is the easiest fix of all! If this does not resolve the problem, try a racerback style bra.

If your straps dig in, and they are not too tight, then try bras with a smaller band size. This will put less pressure on your straps and leave you feeling more comfortable all day long!

So there you have it. A quick fix for most common bra problems that you can utilise during your day to day life or on your next lingerie shop!

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