Just Another Hot Night

Jason and I had had our fair share of disagreements, but this was by far the worst. I could not tell whose fault it really was, his or mine, but I was determined to right my wrongs and show him what a good girl I could be. I just had to think of how.

I thought all day during work and far into the night until it hit me. He had a thing that I rarely indulged in the bedroom, he was a sucker for a nice set of lingerie. I was not just thinking some sexy panties and a bra, but the full set, garter belt, stockings, the whole kit and caboodle. That was how I would put our past arguments behind us. That was how I would show him how much I really cared.

When I got home I searched frantically through my overflowing lingerie draw to find the perfect fit. Despite barely ever wearing lingerie, I sure had a lot of it stashed away. It was a God send for me at this point in time anyway. I stared into the draw full of lace and cotton, red and black pieces, elastic and spandex. There had to be something in here that would impress him to the point where he would forget everything that happened the night before.

That was when by chance I stumbled upon the first piece I would be wearing. It was a red lace bodice with a matching thong that barely covered my ass. Seeing me from behind in this would surely get his heart racing. I undressed quickly and put it on, looking myself up and down in the mirror. Great, now for some additional extras to really get him slobbering over me. A red lace garter belt, almost the same shade caught my eye and I placed it around my waist with a pair of white lace garters attached to it. The last thing to add would certainly have to be a nice pair of black fishnet stockings, which I dug around until I found right at the bottom of the draw. Now it was almost perfect, but it was missing one last touch.

A pair of black, stiletto heeled shoes sat right at the front of my cupboard, begging me to put them on. That was it. I gave myself one final look, up and down before I made my way out to the lounge to wait patiently for him. I knew he would be home any second and I did not want to give him the chance to start our argument once more.

In no time at all I heard his car pull into the driveway and his footsteps approach the door. His key turned in the lock and seconds later he was standing right in front of me. I witnessed his expression as his jaw virtually dropped to the floor and his eyes bulged out of his head. He was totally and utterly lost for words, just as I had planned it all along.

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