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There are so many women that struggle with buying bras for larger breasts. We can wonder why this may be, why do companies opt to cater for this size in the styles of bras that they manufacture when so many women find it hard to get something suited for their cup size and chest dimensions. It seems that, in the US specifically, most companies cater for styles that are best suited for a size 34B. This does not sound right, does it? We are told that this is the average bra size, but these statistics are quite outdated. In fact, they come to us form the year 1992, and the average bra size has not been the same since!

In this day and age, more current statistics tell us that the new average for the year 2013 and onwards is a 34DD! That is a big difference between what is produced by the major bra brands and what women need in the modern age. The question is why is this still happening? Would these companies not look at their clientele and think that maybe they should do better to cater to the majority of women, or even create different styles in order for us to feel like we are not stuck in a constant battle to secure the right fit?

There is a simple answer to these questions, and unfortunately it does not swing in our favour when looking at the opportunity to make a change in this regard. The response is obviously to do with money. Companies want to make more money so they sacrifice our ease of purchase and selection options to make a few extra dollars.

It is all to do with the amount of material used in an average size, 34B bra, as opposed to the new average of 34DD. The extra material for the wider band and larger cup sizes means that more money goes into making these sizes without any monetary return. So, the more larger sizes that are made, or the more styles that are constructed to account for larger breast sizes are not as beneficial for bra companies as those that are made with the older average of 34B in mind.

Recently, we have seen a rise in companies that specialise in larger sizes ad larger cup sizes that are becoming more prevalent in the world today. You can find these either in lingerie stores or online, and once you find a brand you like everything gets a whole lot easier! There are many options if you think outside the shopping centre brands and all you have to do is do some investigation into what those may be.

You may also wish to inform some of your favourite brands of the sizes that they do not cater for. They may want to expand their customer base and you might just be the person to get them on the right track! You would be surprised how much of an impact a quick email could do.

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