Carmen makes a big sale PT. 1

Carmen stared at the roof of the shop for a few minutes, letting the minutes go by while she sat swinging her legs in a non-committal motion. Turning her head, she stared at the clock on the wall, listening and watching as the hands moved slowly. She was bored out of her brains, there was no way Cheryl needed to spend that much time with her new beaux.

Carmen rolled her eyes remembering the way her friend her pleaded, blackmailed and then eventually settled for paying her to take her place for the afternoon shift, “Just until four, then ill be back.” The blonde had cooed, her baby blue eyes staring deeply into Carmens’ brown ones. “fine.” She had said finally, but an hour into the shift and she could tell why her friend had been so desperate for help, it looked less about her new boyfriend by the minute. The store was a graveyard!

“I would like to buy sexy lingerie.” Carmen turned away from her clock gazing to assess the owner of the voice. He was a little older but still good looking; she guessed his age to be somewhere in his late forties. He had light brown hair with a few grey streaks, cut neatly above his head, his eyes were a lighter brown than hers, and his lips were full and throbbing, he was nervous. Carmen sighed, she’d always known she was attractive, at five-ten she was tall and slim with a sizable bust and a round bum. Her hair was a dark brown and coiled at the top of her head, she was fit and loved to workout, which showed in the general glow and health of her skin. She smiled, curving her lips into a mischievous smile, as she hashed out a plan in her head.

The words hung in the air for a moment before she spoke, “what kind of lingerie ?” she said adding a teasing note to her voice. He blushed, his complexion turning a light shade of pink. “sexy lingerie.” He said after a moment.

Carmen stepped off her chair, and moved in front of the desk to stand beside him, giving him a full view of her curves. “we have many kinds of lingerie here, would you like  one-piece lingerie; we have teddy lingerie and babydoll lingerie?” His already pink cheeks turn a darker shade of crimson. What in the hell was he doing in a lingerie store?

“I don’t know the names, I would just like to get a sexy one for my friend.” He said, eyes darting from her double D cups to the tiles on the floor.

She caught his gaze for a moment, “what kind of friend?” he blushed once more. This was too easy.

Would you like me to show you some of our designs? He nodded, a little hesitant as she escorted him to the backroom, clearly unaware of what he was in for.

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