Carmen Makes a Big Sale Pt. 2


The soft shuffling of his feet made a slight echo in the otherwise empty room but was drowned out by the clank of her heels. He still wouldn’t make eye contact clearly unsettled by his presence in a lingerie store and the stunning brunette in front of him. “if you are looking to buy lingerie in Canada you must know that most stores will be closing in a bit?”

She said the words mostly to herself, but loud enough that he could hear. His eyes darted from her cleavage back to her face for a moment before turning to the tile, “yes, I was so busy at work I completely forgot.” He said, the apology clear in his voice. She nodded simply, eyeing the rack of couture lingerie her friend had shown her an hour before.

“This is the couture line; we make finishes for clients for as long as one month after purchase.” Her friend had rattled on then, showing her the lines and stitchings. At the time Carmen had wondered why it would matter, she would only be there for four hours, what could she possibly do with the information. Staring at the man in front of her she was glad she had at least paid a little attention, repeating the words to him she watched as he nodded listening to her. This time the blush was gone but he still wouldn’t meet her eyes.

“Do you know what size she is?” she asked as she traced her hand through the bra. His eyes darted up now, taking on a suspicious look as he focused for a moment. “your size.” He said after a bit.

Carmen nodded, it seemed a little odd that his “friend” would be the same size as her, but what did it matter as long as she sold the damn thing.

“Why didn’t you just buy lingerie online in Canada?”

“I wanted to come to the store.” This time she pulled out a red sheer lace bra that cut a bold cleavage and a matching pair of thong panties.        Assessing them to see if they fit her idea of sexy. She heard a deep intake of breath and did her best not to laugh, clearly, they did for him.

Smiling she took the set-piece and placed them over the styling table. “this piece sadly only comes in this size, and it’s a size too small for me.”

He looked up again, “it will be fine.”

“But you said she’s my size?”


Carmen smiled, her suspicion was right, his friend didn’t exist.

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